SULTAN   ENTERPRISE   is   one   of   the   Pakistan’s   leading   Customs   Clearing, Forwarding, Shipping, and Transportation Agent, providing fast, reliable and efficient clearance services to various Industrial and Commercial Importers/Exporters.

Since  established  in  1970  the  company  is  strongly  committed  to  ensuring  client’s satisfaction as well as contentment throughout the work force, and with strategic allies. All work at Sultan Enterprise is dealt according to Customs Laws and Custom Tariff, and to  achieve  outstanding  quality  and  business  excellence  the  company  is  constantly innovating in providing better services to its clients.

At Sultan Enterprise every job is a priority and in view of the need to provide fast and comprehensive clearing forwarding services, the company has an exceptional team of professionals, working day in day out to provide the best and unmatched service to its clients.